Meet The Team

Linda & Mark Rahn

Linda and Mark loved being a part of, and serving, the local church for over 20 years. Linda felt called to step into greater things with the Lord after pastoring 10 years at a local church that she loved. They are passionate about seeing God’s people using their gifts to advance the Kingdom of God and are now stepping into the destiny God has marked out for them.

In 2010 Linda met Ravi Kandal (Click here to watch a clip from the Father of Lights documentary featuring Ravi ). Ravi called her out of a crowd at a conference and shared that God had showed her to him in a dream. He prophesied that the Lord was going to use her to train up missionaries (a person undertaking a mission; especially a mission or call from the Lord; basically everyone because everyone is created for God’s purposes!). 

Eight years later the Lord reconnected them and Ravi invited Mark and Linda to be a part of his ministry team on a mission trip to England. The Lord literally shook the ground beneath Linda’s feet there and told her that He was breaking new ground and was calling her and Mark to step out into the deep water with Him. Out of obedience to His voice, they stepped out of their comfort zones of their full time jobs (Mark in 2020) and joined the Kingdom Foundations team and opened their first Radical Transformation 4 Center – House of Healing. At the RT4-HoH we help others connect with Jesus; get trained, encouraged, healed and equipped to fulfill the destiny and calling of God on their life.

Mark and Linda have been married for 31 years. They have 3 adult children who live in Minnesota and 2 beautiful grandchildren. (Amy Zaffke is their oldest daughter.) Mark is an avid farmer. They love going to their lake-side cabin to refresh and recharge. You can contact Linda or Mark at

Garrett & Amy Zaffke

Amy Zaffke is the Assistant Director for the RT4 House of Healing. She and her husband Garrett have been married almost 10 years and have daughter Zoey and their son Lincoln.  Amy has a BA in Ministry with a concentration in Intercultural Studies and a minor in Psychology and Bible. She is also certified as a Mental Health Coach with American Association of Christian Counselors. Amy loves the Lord. When she was 13 years old she felt the Lord call her to be a missionary. Little did she know then that she would be one in the United States. Amy is passionate to see people walking in the healing the Lord paid for and stepping out in their God-given calling and destiny. She has a gift of teaching and is a powerful Coach.  You can contact her at

Hilary Sharp

Hilary Sharp is an instructor for the RT4 House of Healing. She and her 16 year old daughter Isabelle live in Northfield, MN. Hilary works as a software engineer and enjoys lifting weights and spending time outside.  The Lord has been taking her on a powerful journey of physical and emotional healing. She carries a strong testimony of God’s transformation power and has a desire to share that with others to receive the same. You can contact her at

Cindy Khul

Cindy Kuhl leads our prayer team on Tuesday evenings at the RT4 House of Healing. She has been a part of the RT4 team since its inception. She and her husband, Craig, have been married 26 years and have 2 adult children and 2 teenage children. They live in New Prague, MN. Cindy is a powerful intercessor. She knows the power of prayer and longs to see our community and country changed through the power of God. You can contact her at

Kristi Stenerson

Kristi Stenerson is an instructor for the RT4 House of Healing. Kristi has been growing with RT4 for a couple years. She is passionate about emotional healing and personal connection with an intimate Father. She is a deep thinker and unreserved worshipper. She has a strong desire for others to walk in the same freedom and has a powerful way of unlocking new understanding in those she teaches.

Jeanne Cloud-Nadeau

Jeanne Cloud-Nadeau handles the website updates. She and her husband, Joe, have been married 18yrs and have a teenager. They live in New Prague, MN. Jeanne loves the Lord and desires to serve Him through whatever He brings her way.