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Multiple Class offerings begin Monday, Jan. 6th or Sunday, Jan. 12th

Class begins Thursday, January 9th!

Class begins Tuesday, January 7th!

What happens in the RT4 Center?

The RT4 Center, House of Healing, is a place to go to connect with Jesus, get trained, encouraged, healed and equipped to fulfill the destiny and calling of God on your life.

What We do

Here is a dialogue that illustrates what we do.  Watch this video of Ravi Kandal, describing the vision of the RT4 House of Healing.

What is RT4?

RT4 stands for Radical Transformation 4. It is biblically-based personal coaching and group classes to bring needed healing to  (1)  negative memories,  (2)  behaviors (disappointments), (3)  emotions (regrets), and  (4)  engage your spiritual authority.

Who is it for?

RT4 is designed for any believer of Jesus who is hungry to experience the “more” there is in this life.

  • More fulfillment in your relationships, more expectations, more joy, more favor, more confidence and more peace.

How does it work?

Through personal coaching and/or and group courses, you learn to be in control of your behaviors and emotions and not be held back by negative memories, disappointments and regrets. It positions you to boldly and confidently move forward into the destiny God has for your life.

  • RT4’s core values are to help you connect to Jesus, find your dreams, your potential and freedom
  • It’ll help you walk in clarity in your decisions
  • It’ll help you move into your destiny
  • You will be an overcomer, no longer dictated by circumstances
  • You will be established with trust in God and in yourself
  • You will move with discernment rather than perception.

RT4 can help you do this and more!

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Live Online & e-Courses

Are you aware that stress is a spirit and a gateway to every emotional issue?  Learn God’s way of removing stress from your life.


Meet Bill, who is now pursuing his dream of having a successful invention after having a coaching session.

Bill is a very smart, generous man who works in records management which was the field he was educated in. He came to us with a passion for solving problems and a love to invent things. His current job was not fulfilling his creative desires. During a coaching time, God revealed that he had a hard time believing that God would actually use this desire of his heart. He was told since he was young that he was not smart and he never pursued this deep desire to invent.  God brought light to this lie and healed him. Bill left encouraged to step out in faith and pursue his passion for inventions.  That very day he had a divine appointment opportunity and had the courage to share one of his inventions with someone experienced in the exact field of his invention.

Let us help you reach your goals in the right ways.